Personal Accounting

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Personal Accounting

Norrie & Daughters applies an integrated approach to manage an individual or family’s investments, assets, taxes, philanthropic activities, trusts, legal and estate matters. By leveraging the experience of our talented professionals as well as the trusted relationships we have with other providers, such as lawyers and wealth management advisors, we can help turn your financial success today into sustainable personal wealth for you and your family.

Using the same principles we apply to our business clients, we focus on providing a personalised and innovative approach to families and individuals.

By engaging the Norrie & Daughters team, you will have one point of contact that will help you to safely manage your personal financial position, including your overall wealth and tax positions.

The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

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  • Norrie & Daughters personal client base includes New Zealanders from all walks of life and locations across New Zealand and a large base of expatriate and foreign nationals who have New Zealand tax obligations.
  • We have a track record of satisfied clients who have been with us for many years and many who recommend us to family and friends.
  • Norrie & Daughters is well placed to assist you with accounting and tax affairs, Come and try us!


  • As a boutique accounting firm, Norrie & Daughters has a unique, holistic approach to how we deliver our services that allows us to provide a bespoke service to business owners, managers, individuals, and decision-makers in many industry sectors. We know that one size certainly does not fit all in New Zealand’s dynamic business landscape.
  • At Norrie & Daughters all of our team’s experiences and credentials blend to create a wealth of knowledge, understanding and personality. We work as a team to achieve our goal of providing our clients with an entrepreneurial style and practical approach to delivering what you require.
  • Our client-centered approach is instilled in every aspect of our own firm’s culture at every level, from directors to the administrative support staff.
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Doing it Right

Entrusting Norrie & Daughters with helping you with your personal tax affairs and financial management will enable you to properly structure your wealth as well as help you preserve it for later in life and future generations. Additional benefits of using Norrie & Daughters include:
  • Decreased costs – Personal tax matters are often linked to your business tax affairs and management decisions made. Using the same firm for both services reduces costs.
  • Estate Planning – Determining if a trust is suitable for your circumstances, setting up an appropriate type of trust to meet those circumstances, wills and powers of attorney.
  • Wealth Management – Our clients are frequently involving themselves in commercial arrangements that involve their personal wealth being invested into some form of private investment. Norrie & Daughters has acted in carrying out due diligence checks, preparing the required documentation and security registration to ensure their investment is protected.
  • Access to Resources –Family members often have questions that go beyond basic family investments. Selecting Norrie & Daughters will provide you and your family with regular access to conflict-free tax, accounting and business advice
  • Foreign Nationals - Many overseas based citizens and expatriates wish to or already have investments in New Zealand that are often linked to their tax affairs. We provide due diligence, asset management, accounting and tax services to many foreign nationals and expatriates.

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