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Compliance and Administration

A company is a legal entity in its own right. It is an entity in law, it has a legal personality in its own right and is separate from its shareholders however it is possible that this protection given to directors and shareholders can be removed by the courts. This is known as lifting or piercing the corporate veil and occurs when the presence of the corporate veil would create a substantial injustice. The Companies Act provides for the corporate veil to be lifted in cases of reckless trading, the corporate veil may also be lifted in cases of tax evasion or avoidance or look into sham transactions using the corporate façade to hide the true nature of a transaction.

Whilst the above sounds and is a serious affair for both directors and shareholders, avoidance of such risk comes with properly managing the compliance and administrative affairs of the company.

The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

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Compliance with all tax obligations thus providing a good relationship with Inland Revenue;
Compliance with Company law obligations thus removing the risk of claims against directors and shareholders.


  • As a boutique accounting firm, Norrie & Daughters has a unique, holistic approach to how we deliver our services that allows us to provide a bespoke service to business owners, managers, individuals, and decision-makers in many industry sectors. We know that one size certainly does not fit all in New Zealand’s dynamic business landscape.
  • At Norrie & Daughters all of our team’s experiences and credentials blend to create a wealth of knowledge, understanding and personality. We work as a team to achieve our goal of providing our clients with an entrepreneurial style and practical approach to delivering what you require.
  • Our client-centered approach is instilled in every aspect of our own firm’s culture at every level, from directors to the administrative support staff.
Company compliance and Administration Services New Zealand
Company compliance and Administration Services New Zealand

Director/Shareholder risk

We will proactively manage all of your compliance needs to ensure all deadlines are met;
We reduce the risk of enquiry/investigation – Good compliance = less risk

Reduce your costs

We can provide packaged services tailored to you providing certainty over costs;
We ensure the “fee clock” isn’t ticking every time you need our help;
We are committed to adding value to you in everything we do.
Company compliance and Administration Services New Zealand

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