Goods & Services Tax

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GST reporting and record keeping are a time-consuming business. Additionally, there are traps for the unwary, is GST claimable on a business lunch or can all of the GST be claimed on the purchase of a car that is used for both business and personal use? Small and inadvertent mistakes in record keeping or accounting for GST can become a time consuming and expensive task to correct, particularly if IRD locate the errors before you do. Getting things right at the time is the best strategy and where outsourcing to Norrie & Daughters can help you and your business.

The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

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  • Accurate GST reporting with returns filed on time and with our invoice outsourcing all source records electronically stored against the transaction.

Reduced Costs

  • Getting things right at the time saves time and money.
  • Inland Revenue penalties and interest for incorrect accounting for tax can cause significant financial hardship for you and your business.
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  • Norrie & Daughters business client base includes a kaleidoscope of businesses activities from across New Zealand and Australia.
  • Norrie & Daughters is well placed to assist you with outsourcing your tax obligations.

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