Outsourcing Overview

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO provides your business with an array of benefits including flexibility, reduced labour costs, improved productivity and better use of cash for growing your business.

Norrie & Daughters provides BPO services, relieving your back-office team from repetitive bookkeeping tasks that we can much more efficiently and accurately complete for your business.

Norrie & Daughters carries out all tasks in New Zealand with your business data protected using the latest internationally accepted best practices to ensure data breaches will not occur.

Other benefits include, accurate financial records, quick and accurate reporting, improved productivity, ability to reassign existing resources to more productive business areas and an increase in business growth due to less capital, asset and overhead expenditure required. Through our GL00 business division Norrie & Daughters offers outsourcing in a number of areas.
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Invoice Processing

See how by using Norrie & Daughters Invoice Processing Service you can reduce costs and improve customer and supplier satisfaction.

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Outsourced bookkeeping services can save you money and give you back some leisure time. See how Norrie & Daughters can help you with outsourced bookkeeping.

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GST is a simple tax with lots of fish hooks. GST on entertainment, motor vehicles or property transactions, to name a few, all have some complexity. See how Norrie & Daughters can work with you to ensure you meet your tax obligations in a timely and economical manner.

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Payroll & PAYE

Outsourcing payroll and PAYE not only can save you significant time and cost but helps ensure that your business meets its payroll and PAYE obligations. See how Norrie & Daughters can help your business with its payroll and PAYE obligations.

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The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

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  • Our provision of year end compliance services will support and protect the growth of your wealth and your business’ value;
  • Compliance with all tax and Company law providing a good relationship with Inland Revenue;
  • Knowledge and transparency over the timing and quantum of tax liabilities allows you to maximise all available reliefs and meeting your tax liabilities.


  • We can provide packaged services tailored to you providing certainty over costs;
  • We ensure the “fee clock” isn’t ticking every time you need our help;
  • We are committed to adding value to you in everything we do.
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Accountants Auckland Outsourcing Accounting section image


  • We will proactively manage all of your compliance needs to ensure all deadlines are met;
  • We ensure that all reporting requirements, including tax, are appropriately and effectively drafted;
  • We reduce the risk of enquiry/investigation – Good compliance = less risk
  • We will provide you with full reporting and identify areas of risk.

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