Payroll & PAYE

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Payroll outsourcing is an easy way for businesses to save time and money. Norrie & Daughters can tailor a payroll service that best suits your business. We will process your payroll by gathering your employees information, obtaining any timesheet data, the amount leave taken for that pay period and use this to calculate the pay that’s due to each employee. We will email each employee with their payslip. We can also by arrangement deposit that pay into each employees bank account or provide the payment details to your designated person. All Inland Revenue filings will be completed in accordance with current laws and from 1 April 2019 the new payday filing rules.

The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

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  • There are few things more guarded in a business than rates of pay and payroll information. Inadvertent disclosure of information can cause employee disharmony, privacy issues and unwanted stress for the business owner.
  • Outsourcing to Norrie & Daughters provides you with privacy and peace knowing that your staff do not know what you do not want them to know.

Reduced Costs

  • Either it is your time spent doing payroll or you are employing someone to do the payroll. Either way, outsourcing to Norrie & Daughters will save you money.
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  • Ensuring compliance with tax laws, pay calculations and statutory deductions is essential for every business and noncompliance can come with expensive penalties. Outsourcing to Norrie & Daughters will ensure that your business remains compliant with its obligations.

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