Personal Insolvency Overview

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Personal Insolvency Overview

Sadly, not all individuals in difficult situations can avoid the reality of creditor demands for payment. The prospect of bankruptcy and facing insolvency issues can be very stressful, not only because of the legal complexities involved in the process, but also the emotional issues, however, bankruptcy is not the inevitable outcome, with the right advice at the right time bankruptcy can generally be avoided. There are a number of alternatives to bankruptcy, but the key point is to act early and get excellent professional advice.

Norrie & Daughters has an experienced team of insolvency specialists well versed in debt restructuring and insolvency matters who can guide you through the range of insolvency options available to you. We have an enviable track record of successful outcomes. Norrie & Daughters can help individuals facing financial adversity to develop, propose and implement the most appropriate strategy in the given circumstances.

Where a viable debt restructure or debt management plan is not possible Norrie & Daughters are well placed to guide the individual through the bankruptcy process, how to remain a contractor, be self-employed or work for a relative.

If you are a bankrupt wanting to be self-employed, Norrie & Daughters offers a unique service whereby we act as financial supervisors for a significant number of bankrupt persons who we have got back into business.

Whatever the recommended course of action, and there may be a number of options, we will ensure our advice relates to the specific circumstances of the individual.

Informal Arrangements Services Auckland

Informal Arrangements

Learn about the informal arrangements and see how Norrie & Daughters can help you with an informal debt arrangement with your creditors

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Formal Proposals Auckland

Formal Proposals

Learn about the formal proposals and see how Norrie & Daughters can help you with a formal debt proposals with your creditors

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No Asset Procedure

No Asset Procedure(NAP)

Learn about the No Asset Procedure and see how Norrie & Daughters can help you with a No Asset Procedure application.

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Summary Instalment Orders

Summary Instalment Orders (SIO)

An SIO is a choice for those who do not qualify for the NAP but are not in the position to pay their debts immediately. See how Norrie & Daughters can help you with a Summary Instalment arrangement.

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Bankruptcy Auckland


Learn about bankruptcy and see how Norrie & Daughters can help you with through the bankruptcy process.

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Learn about compositions and see how Norrie & Daughters can help you with a composition.

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The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

Personal Insolvency Services includes

Our Services Include:

  • Accredited insolvency practitioner services under Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand
  • Identifying and assisting the with the implementation of Informal and Arrangements, No Asset Procedure, Summary Instalment Orders, Bankruptcy and Compositions
  • Companies – Liquidation, Compromises, Amalgamations and Schemes of Arrangement and Voluntary Administration;
  • Representing directors and shareholders against claims by liquidators;
  • Advising stakeholders on the actions of liquidators;
  • Expert witness

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