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Appointment of Tax Agent

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Terms & Conditions
By appointing Norrie & Daughters as my/our Tax Agent I/We understand and agree that:

  1. I authorise Norrie & Daughters to be the Tax Agent for the above-named taxpayer and receive my/it’s Inland Revenue Department (IR) correspondence, and obtain information from IR through all of its channels including electronic ones in respect to all tax types and to file the necessary tax returns;

  2. I understand that Norrie & Daughters will assign a Senior Accountant as my contact person and account manager;

  3. I have or will I will download or receive receive electronically a copy of Norrie & Daughters Part 1 General Terms of Engagement and Part 2 Accounting & Related Services – Letter of Engagement (together “the Terms of Engagement”) and I agree that the named taxpayer or myself will be bound by the Terms of Engagement;

  4. I agree that it is my responsibility to ensure that I regularly download a copy of the Terms of Engagement from Norrie & Daughters website at and to read the same;

  5. I authorise Norrie & Daughters and its staff and agents to prepare, sign and submit tax returns on my or the taxpayer’s behalf;

  6. I irrevocably authorise Norrie & Daughters to have a general authority to deposit funds belonging to the taxpayer (including income tax and Goods and Services Tax ("GST") refunds) to its trust account;

  7. Under the Privacy Act 1993 I authorise Norrie & Daughters and its staff to communicate with my or the taxpayer’s bankers, solicitors, finance companies and all Government agencies to obtain such information as Norrie & Daughters requires in order to carry out the above engagement and I authorise those same entities to release such information to Norrie & Daughters;

  8. I authorise Norrie & Daughters to communicate with me electronically to my nominated email or other online document storage system;

  9. I warrant that if I am not the taxpayer that I am authorised to sign this Appointment of Tax Agent form.