Tax Audit & Investigation

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Tax audits and investigations form part of Inland Revenue’s armoury to help ensure that voluntary compliance standards remain high however being subject to tax audit/investigation is a time consuming and demanding task that can impinge on the time and energy available to devote to the business activities of the taxpayer.

Tax audits and investigations start innocuously enough but can end in financial disaster and worse. Facing an audit or investigation by IRD is very stressful and costs you a lot of time. It is not recommended that those facing an IRD investigation do it alone.

Working constructively with the taxpayer and IRD often results in a negotiated settlement, however knowing what to pitch for and when only comes with experience.

Norrie & Daughters can help you through the tax audit/investigation process thereby allowing you to devote your time to running your business.

The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

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  • Norrie & Daughters have worked on a significant number of IRD audits and investigations.
  • We have achieved negotiated settlements in most cases.
  • Provision of practical advice on tax audits and investigation matters.
  • We will explain in plain language the tax laws and issues arising during the investigation and how they affect your tax situation.
  • We will do our best to get you an outcome that is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

Working With You

  • Assistance in obtaining all tax records and documents necessary to support the tax position taken.
  • Assist in the preparation of responses.
  • Provide strategic and tactical advice throughout the audit/investigation.
  • Negotiate a settlement of residual tax matters arising and advice on policies and procedures to mitigate audit/investigation findings.
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