Tax Compliance

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Tax laws in New Zealand are complex and complying with your tax obligations can be complex and time-consuming exercise. Norrie & Daughters can help you by ensuring that your tax obligations are met and appropriately minimising your tax risk.

The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

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  • Practical advice on all tax matters
  • Assisting with overdue tax returns
  • Assisting with tax debt and negotiated settlements
  • Advice on tax efficient business structures
  • Outsourcing your tax obligations
  • Assisting with tax investigations and audits and tax dispute resolution
  • Assisting expatriates with their New Zealand tax obligations and advising on tax matters
  • Provision of appropriate legal representation for court proceedings


  • The team at Norrie & Daughters have a proven track record of obtaining first-rate results for taxpayers who have found themselves in significant tax difficulties. See some of our results here [Case Studies]
  • We have successfully negotiated settlements before and whilst court action has been in progress thus avoiding the bankruptcy or liquidation of our client.
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