Tax Overview

Tax is a fundamental part of our lives. For some our direct dealings with Inland Revenue are virtually non-existent but for those of us who are in some form of business or have investments such as rental properties or passive investments or even a student loan which is in repayment arrears then your engagement with Inland Revenue is more significant.

Our teams goal is to make sure that you do not pay more tax than the law requires you to pay. We can assist you by providing a range of services from tax planning, tax return completion and filing and outsourcing your tax obligations.

The team at Norrie & Daughters can help you through your tax issues by working with you to manage the issues and if necessary to negotiate a settlement.

Our Services Include:
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax returns
  • Tax planning
  • Outsourcing your tax obligations
  • Tax debt and overdue tax returns
  • Tax investigations/audit
  • Tax disputes
  • Expatriate tax services
  • Student loan matters
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Tax Compliance

Compliance with tax laws is a legal obligation of all tax payers. Taxpayers who do not comply run the risk of IR investigation. Good Compliance = Less Risk. See how Norrie & Daughters can help you.

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Norrie & Daughters can help you with making the right choices about GST registration and ongoing compliance with the complex GST laws.

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Tax Debt

Tax debts do not just go away, they will increase significantly over time and may lead to bankruptcy, liquidation or worse. See how Norrie & Daughters can help with your tax debts.

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Tax Returns

Tax returns form part of the tax compliance process and whilst not all taxpayers are required to furnish a tax return, those who are required to do so must do so. Norrie & Daughters can assist you with your tax filing obligations.

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Tax Audit & Investigation

The severity of a tax audit or investigation depends on the case. Norrie & Daughters advice is that taxpayers should not handle an IRD tax audit or investigation without representation. See how Norrie & Daughters can help you through the process.

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