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This section presents a general outline of the tax issues surrounding the taxing of trusts for informational purposes only, it is not intended to be an authoritive tax guide and should not be relied upon for tax purposes. For up to date tax advice please contact Norrie & Daughters.

For tax purposes trusts are divided into 3 categories:

  • Complying trusts;
  • Non-Complying Trusts;
  • Foreign Trusts
Trustee income includes investment income generated from the money or property settled on the trust, rental income or other trading income less the expenses incurred in generating that income. It is therefore possible for tax losses to be available for offsetting against future income.

Beneficiary income is income derived by the trust that is distributed or applied to the benefit of a beneficiary in the same income year that it was earned or within the earlier of 6 months after the end of the income tax year or when the trust or trustees file the tax return.

At the time of writing, trustee income is taxed at 33 cents in the dollar and beneficiary income is taxed at the beneficiary’s marginal income tax rate however, beneficiaries who are under 16 years of age and receive more than $1,000 in beneficiary income are taxed at 33 cents in the dollar.

Different tax rules apply to each type of trust category and trust can move between categories.
  • Non -resident settlors
  • Non-resident settlors becoming NZ resident
  • Resident settlor becoming non-resident
  • Foreign sourced income
  • Non-resident beneficiaries
  • Minor beneficiaries
  • Dividend and imputation tax credits
  • Forgiveness of debt
  • Trading trusts
  • GST
  • Income tax

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Trusts taxation services Auckland


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Trusts taxation services Auckland

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