Voluntary Administration

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Voluntary Administration

The focus of voluntary administration is business survival i.e. restructuring the debt of the business and trading out of financial difficulty or if it is not possible for the business to trade out of its difficulty to produce better results for the company’s creditors and shareholders compared to liquidation.

Voluntary administration is a formal process under Part 15A of the Companies Act 1993 that requires an administrator and a Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA).

Norrie & Daughters can act as administrators and as Deed Administrators under the DOCA.

Voluntary administration is a relatively new procedure in New Zealand company law that reasonably closely mirrors similar laws in Australia and has essentially filled what was a gap in insolvency options by providing a procedure that benefits both creditors and companies who find themselves in financial difficulties.

The Benefits of Using Norrie & Daughters

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Quality & Experience

  • Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand Accredited insolvency practitioners
  • Free 1 hour meeting to be briefed on your situation
  • Experience and sound advice in all aspects of corporate Insolvency
  • New Zealand and cross border insolvency assignments including assignments involving European countries, Asia and South America including tax havens.


  • We have successfully implemented schemes of arrangement involving significant debt including bank and tax debt and avoided the liquidation of the company’s.
  • Proven record in obtaining results for creditors from setting aside voidable transactions, reckless trading and similar actions.
  • We have successfully acted for debtors, directors and shareholders against claims by other liquidators against them
Voluntary Administration experience
Voluntary Administration services


  • Insolvency advice
  • Provision of an Administrator
  • Providing a court or shareholder appointer liquidator in insolvent liquidations
  • Acting as a receiver
  • Assisting in preparing and securing Informal Arrangements
  • Assisting in preparing and securing Compromises, Amalgamations and Schemes of Arrangement under the Companies Act 1993
  • Providing a liquidator for solvent liquidations
  • Acting for Directors, Shareholders and Creditors against other Liquidator claims
  • Expert witness

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